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One Year of HIRA Project: Surpassing Milestones and Pioneering Innovations

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Finishing targets and reaching milestones

One year ago, we embarked on an ambitious journey with the HIRA project, driven by the vision of introducing an innovative facial imaging module for real-time affective computing.

Our mission is based on using both behavioral and psychophysiological clues, utilizing advanced AI algorithms for super resolution and emotional intelligence. Today, we are here to share our progress and the milestones we have achieved thus far in the realm of affective computing!

The HIRA team achieved all the planned milestones, which will play a pivotal role in the project proceeding.

  • Theoretical framework for joint behavioral and psychological analysis, based on hybrid LWIR and NIR imaging approach

  • Preliminary version of the super-resolution and affective computing AI models

  • HIRA system architecture

Undoubtedly, our journey has been met with challenges, each serving as an opportunity for learning and growth. As we surpass these achievements, we eagerly look forward to setting new benchmarks in the future.

We’re excited about the journey ahead.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Stay tuned for more updates on HIRA Project!

“To find more information of HIRA project reach out to – HIRA
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