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Bridging the Gap
From University to Real-World Experience

At Next2U, we believe in the power of the real-world experience: providing a strong link between university and world of work is essential to ensure a successful transition of students into the labor market. 

This link offers students the opportunity to acquire practical skills and industry-specific knowledge and facilitates companies’ access to qualified talent.


We offer internships (Academic Stages) and thesis opportunities in various fields of engineering, including: Biomedical, Computer Science, Electronics, Aeronautics, Mechanics.  

All these are offered and characterized by a strong operational focus and are inspired by real use cases.

''It will always be a great experience when you explore real-world situations, as they serve as invaluable bridges between academia and the professional world, guiding you towards practical skills and pathways to your career goals."

- Arcangelo Merla - Full Professor at (Department of Engineering and Geology)

Università degli Studi "g.d'Annunzio" Chieti - Pescara



Development of an affective computing AI model for embedded devices


Correlation analysis of heart rate variability and stress in car drivers


Study and assessment of human psycho-physiological state through non-invasive human-machine interaction technologies.


Correlation analysis of heart rate variability and stress in helicopter pilots

Its not just a internships or thesis, It's stepping stone to your future career. 
Join us, and take your first step towards bridging the gap between university and the real world!

Your journey starts here.

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