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tHErmaL vIsion AUgmented awarenesS


tHErmaL vIsion AUgmented awarenesS

Taking benefit of Long Wave Infra-Red bandwidth (LWIR), the project delivered a breakthrough perception systems.  The project developed smart thermal perception systems that detects Long Wave Infra-Red light both for in-cabin passengers monitoring and for the car` surrounding.  The outcomes improved object classification of the automotive sensor suite in all light conditions, providing redundancy and thus extend vehicle autonomy towards ADAS level 3 and beyond, operating 24/7.


With years of experience in avionics and European research projects, Next2U brought its expertise to the automotive scenario and, specifically, to the project. 

The breakthrough technology developed by Next2U in the avionics field was re-designed, improved and declined into a contactless system able to assess in real time the driver’s psychophysiological state, in accordance with the incoming regulations related on third-level ADAS.

The computation of the outcomes 

Key points of the developed technology: 

  • driver independence 

  • light independence 

  • non - intrusiveness 


Contactless and real time assessment of:

  • respiration rate and rhythm 

  • perspiration activity 

  • sympathethic dominance 

  • engagement state 

  • drowsiness level 

  • stress presence 

  • thermal comfort 

  • speech detection 

  • eyeglasses/sunglasses recognition 

  • head pose 

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