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pilot monitoring system

Next2U's Pilot Monitoring System (N2U HIRA PMS) responds to the increasing demand for flight safety related to human factors to be achieved through  pilot state monitoring.
Based on just imaging technologies integrated into the cockpit, N2U HIRA PMS is currently the only system capable of real-time non-contact assessement of pilot`s workload, stress, and engagement.

It shifts standards and methodologies in flight pilot monitoring system, evidence-based training, cockpit design, in either commercial and defence aviation.

N2U HIRA PMS takes advantage from ISMS – Infrared Stress Monitoring System project.

ISMS was a Pilot Monitoring System for real-time monitoring of pilot’s workload, estimated accordingly with the NATO Bedford Workload Rating Scale, conceived and realised by Next2U, and validated

together with Leonardo Helicopter Division and Leonardo Training Academy on more than 300 hours of full-flight simulation operations with experienced pilots.

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