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Next2U is open to welcoming the very best individuals,  with open arms, ready to embrace and empower them for their personal and professional growth, unlocking their fullest potential.

Job Opportunities

We are a dynamic, international and multicultural environment that creates value from that fusion.
In the company, among colleagues, clients and partners, you will have the opportunity to work with professionals of the highest caliber.

Accademic Stages and Thesis

We are delighted to inform yoy that you can now apply for academic internship and thesis opportunities directly through our website.
if you have a desire for knowledge and a passion for study, we extend a warm welcome to explore these exciting opportunities.

fill in your application

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

When you embark on a journey with us, you will be welcomed into a vibrant and inventive community because we are committed to intellectual growth and collaboration. You will have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned experts, contribute to game-changing projects, and participate in cutting-edge research.

we can shape the future together. We are NEXT2U.

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