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N2U HIRA Pilot Monitoring System takes off!

Aggiornamento: 24 apr

We are delighted to announce the start of experimentation of the N2U HIRA Pilot Monitoring System, in real flights.

In the context of a groundbreaking collaboration with Aeroclub Casalese SCSD, N2U HIRA Pilot Monitoring System will take part in real training flight for PPL/LAPL license achievement/revalidation/renewal, new aircraft rating and shortage training.

Thanks to the N2U HIRA Pilot Monitoring System, the instructor can:

  • configure the flight mission, loading the specific EASA training cards;

  • record the entire training session, thanks to the specifically designed Next2U's sensing unit and software;

  • monitor in real-time/offline pilot’s cognitive workload, according to the NATO Bedford Workload Scale.

The recorded data, appropriately anonymized, will feed the HIRA models to improve the efficiency of the pilot’s monitoring aiming to reach an even secure flight.

#staytuned for the updates

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