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Driver monitoring system

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Machine sensing emotions

Next2U develops solutions and systems for non-invasive and non-contact monitoring of psychophysiological state. 
Such solutions open new possibilities for human-machine interaction by letting the artificial agent to understand the psychophysiological state of the humans and by permitting it to adopt congruent behaviours and strategies. 
Specific solutions are available for robotics, automotive, simulation, e-learning and medicine. 


Next2U s.r.l started in 2014 as an academic spin-off of the  Department of Neurosciences, Imaging and Clinical Sciences of the G. d’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara (Italy), based on two decades of experience , in the field of infrared imaging and its applications of its founder, Professor Arcangelo Merla. 
A well assorted team, composed of young but talented professionals, with strong competencies in biomedical engineering, computer science, electronics, artificial intelligence, maths and physics, and neuroscience supports the the R&D activities and the commercial projects of the company.  

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Founder and Scientific Advisor


Founder and CEO


Research, innovation and development are genuine vocations of Next2u. We investigate people emotions by a, non-intrusive, contact-less assessment of their psycophysiological state, by the means of intelligent IR thermal imaging and affective computing, so by overcoming the intrinsic limits of other techniques based only of behavioral assessments. And we turn our research in products. 

Think of  what our know-how and products  can do for your research or your business, either whether it is matter of improving safety of workplaces and tasks of the workers or of increasing safety at driving or, even, by augmenting the pleasure itself of driving, or facilitating the interaction between companion robots and children or elders. 
Ask us how we can shape the future together. 

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The driver monitoring project will introduce a compact, purely IR thermal imaging based system that aims to monitor the driver to improve the driving experience, while preventing dangers due to stress, discomfort, weariness that tipically occour during long haul roadtrips, commuting, night time driving.

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Thermal Infrared Imaging


Some of R&D activities are funded by public organizations or private foundation through competitive grants


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Via dei Peligni, 137; 65127 – Pescara – Italy

TEL: +39 085 69 48 46

FAX: 39 085 69 48 46

P.IVA: 02 10 53 60 685

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