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Our Brand new ASTRA cyber-physical platform for evidence based training is now available!

Aggiornamento: 10 apr

The ASTRA project which is funded by MISE - REACT EU has been successfully completed in the time and manner scheduled.

Compared with the original plan, additional features were developed to equip the cyber-physical platform with the topmost functionalities capable of responding effectively to the Evidence Based Training market needs.

The Evidence Based Training (EBT) topic, is extremely relevant today, given the growing need to train specialized operators to perform critical tasks.

Demonstration of the Evidence Based Training (EBT) system:

EBD systems, relying on high-fidelity reproduction of reality, are a valuable (and sometimes irreplaceable) training support for operators, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and to customize learning process, based on the needs of individuals.

The advantages of EBT systems are tangible in terms of safety and ease of use compared to a simulation performed in the real world.

In all cases where specific training is required, having a training and information system like the one developed in the context of the ASTRA Project is a tangible need: the cyber-physical platform realized, meets the need by allowing the operator to train himself to handle specific situations and himself in those situations.

ASTRA cyber-physical platform is an innovative training platform with high integration of:

  • Simulated reality on architecture IoT;

  • Non-invasive assessment system of the operator’s mental workload state;

  • Certification system of the process based on blockchain.

The solution can be applied to a variety of scenarios where the efficiency of the operations carried out by operators, passes through training, monitoring of the psychophysiological state and certification of the training session held.

The developed platform represents a unicum tool, for training operators in highly critical scenarios.

As the leading partner, we sincerely want to thank the funding agency and all consortium partners embarked with us on this incredible journey: it’s only through joint effort that it was possible to achieve this fantastic result!

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