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Whirlwind of success for Next2U at TechDefense 2023 and Visionaria 2023!

Aggiornamento: 10 apr

#TechDefense_2023 (Nov 20, Rome):

Next2U took center stage at the IEEE TechDefense 2023 with the proceeding paper presentation titled: "Assessment of Cognitive Workload During Flight Training by Means of Hybrid NIR/LWIR Imaging” by Davide Tomasino, Chinthakindi Manish, Alessandro Tiberio, Chandrika Patibandla, Michele Tritto, and Sergio Nocco.

A special shout-out to Alessandro Tiberio for his remarkable talk on the groundbreaking cognitive workload assessment methodology.

#Visionaria 2023 (Nov 22-24, Pescara):

Visionaria provided an incredible opportunity for a wide audience to explore and experience hands-on our cutting-edge technology.

Wide appreciation for the talk "Sensing Machines: New Paradigm in Man-Artificial Agent Interaction". A highlight was the Focus Event at Visionaria, where we delved into the future of man-agent interaction. Led by Chairman Diletta Parlangeli, featuring insights from Prof. Arcangelo Merla, Eng. Alessandro Tiberio of Next2U Solutions, and Dr. Jacopo Bassetta.

The session explored:

  • state of the art and upcoming future trends in HMI;

  • how the man-artificial agent interaction can help craftsman and SMEs;

  • what is the sociological impact resulting from the spread of these technologies and how does the definition of craftsman changes.

The exposure and engagement at these events have been truly remarkable. We're proud to be at the forefront of innovation, shaping the future of technology.

Stay tuned for full video of focus event and more pictures!

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