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We're hiring!

Next2u is expanding its team. Check out the profiles we are requiring, you might be the one we are looking for. You can submit your application here: Job Openings


  • Profile 1: back-end software developer: the candidate shall have excellent knowledge of the C++ and Python programming languages, as well as their principal libraries in the field of image processing, computer vision, AI, deep learning (Keras, Tensorflow, Opencv, scikit-learn, pandas, numpy et al.) Good knowledge of AI and computer vision are required. Acquaintance with Google’s Mediapipe framework for computer vision and AI is preferred. The candidate should be able to properly write code and libraries for object recognition within images, mainly in the thermal IR spectrum and in the visible spectrum. Very good knowledge of OS’s is required.

  • Profile 2: User Interface developer: The candidate shall have good knowledge of Javascript/Typescript as well as the most common frameworks for the development of cross-platform desktop interfaces (ElectronJs, Cocoa, Qt etc.) Knowledge of frameworks such as ReactJs, AngularJs is required for the development of scalable mobile interfaces, in the form of web interfaces, progressive web app, native apps (UIKit, Android Studio, React Native etc.). Basic skills in backend development are preferred (NodeJs, .Net, Django, Flask etc). Also, knowledge about the development of interfaces for automotive use will be well appreciated (Android Auto, Android Automotive Os, Carplay. QNX)

  • Profile 3: Low level software developer with IT skills. The candidate shall be proficient in C, C++, Python and be able to write low-level software and firmware to control sensors such as thermal cameras, fnirs, gsr. Good knowledge of the most common protocols such as bluetooth, NFC, WIFI, CAN BUS, LIN BUS, ETHERNET is also required. Aside, the candidate shoud be able to mantain and debug the hardware already in use and be able to administer a simple server. Strong knowledge if OS’s is therefore required.

For every profile is also required:

  • very good knowledge of the English language (written, spoken)

  • knowlege of versioning systems (git / svn / cvs)

  • Strong aptitude towards problem solving

  • collaborative and team work attitude

  • proven previous experience

  • Willingness to join the team in Pescara headquarter is appreciated.


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