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Two new papers about Cerebral Palsy rehabilitation in children published

We are very excited and proud of two new papers just recently published regarding Cerebral Palsy rehabilitation in children. We had the pleasure to collaborate with the other authors and in particular with Dr.David Perpetuini on such a delicate yet interesting topic. children.

Specifically, in the context of Robotic-assisted Gait Training (RAGT) for rehabilitation of children suffering from Cerebral Palsy, the research team in which we took part evaluated the effectiveness of RAGT by the means of fNIRS, a neuroimaging technique performed through a portable device wore by the patients during the rehabilitation sessions. This study demonstrated significant differences in activation of the prefrontal and sensorimotor cortexes during different sessions of RAGT. The implications can open future scenarios where the clinical treatment is tailored to each child to improve the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process.

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Contextually, in a second study it was examined the psychophysiological state of the children during the RAGT using thermal infrared thermography. It is widely known the correlation between the temperature time course of the nosetip, the corrugator with the psychophysiological state of the individual. Results of this study show how the psychophysiological state can be measured through contactless instrumentation, thus allowing the monitoring of the engagement to the therapy, increasing the benefits of the treatments.

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