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Next2U - Leonardo Elicotteri partnership on ISMS defines new paradigm for training and security

The partnership between Next2U Srl and Leonardo elicotteri on ISMS continues and defines a new paradigm of training procedures for elicopter pilots and a new standard of in-flight security.

The ISMS project originates from a collaboration between Next2U, Università d'Annunzio, Leonardo Elicotteri and the Aviation of the Italian Army (AVES).

ISMS has infrared imaging techniques at its core. It identifies the so-called "emotional variations"as thermal variations of the skin that arise from a complex system of reactions such as heart beat, respiration, metabolic control. This is achieved by the means of an infrared thermal camera and patented artificial intelligence algorhythms. Thus, the workload of the pilots during in-flight operations is assessed and their integrated stress level (SLI) is measured.

Evaluations based on these quantitative and objective measuraments will allow for reduced workload on the pilots and for safer, more efficient operations.

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