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Next2U has released new version of ThermaGate systems & INFRA-CAL™ software suite

ThermaGate is a technological solution based on infrared thermal imaging, capable of estimating the temperature and temperature distribution over the subjects’ faces, in order to identify potential feverish and inflammatory states.

Thanks to algorithms designed for Artificial Intelligence, ThermaGate automatically recognizes the presence of a subject in the measuring area, identifies its face, and automatically extracts the average skin temperature in 6 different regions of interest, and characterization of thermal projections of the superficial lymph nodes of the upper airways.

A specifically developed algorithm (INFRA-CAL© ) gathers all the information and processes a projection of potential negativity (no inflammatory signs, no hyperthermia), warning (signs of inflammation even in the absence of hyperthermia), positivity (signs of inflammation and hyperthermia). The graphical interface is very simple to manage, and the interpretation of the data, as well.

ThermaGate can be supplied in three different versions:

  1. DUAL Sys – it includes two co-registered thermal systems for the measurements, in less than one second, without request for collaboration by the screened subject;

  2. SINGLE Sys – it uses only one thermal module; the measurements require that the subject stops by the sensing unit. Measurement time per subject: two seconds;

  3. MOB Sys – set up on a portable FLIR technnology for use in several mobile positions (for example, on board in aircrafts or operative scenarios).


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