Neuroscience based Approach for designing Future Cockpits

“Neuroscience based Approach for designing Future Cockpits” has been recently published on Polaris Innovation Journal. This article describe a work that involved Next2U togheter with Leonardo Helicopter Division.

Here’s the abstract: The optimal interaction between pilot and aircraft is considered a milestone to be reached in order to achieve better operational performance while increasing safety and mission effectiveness. Re-thinking the human-machine interaction on the basis of recent advancements of neuroscience opens the possibility to generate a highly reliable objective methodology, thanks to specific metrics used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to address and validate the solutions for creating a new generation of cockpits centred on the pilot and the human factor. The Helicopter Division of Leonardo in collaboration with Next2U, an academic spin-off company of University “G. d’Annunzio” Chieti-Pescara, and the Italian Army Aviation (AVES) is engaged in a development program aimed at creating a new generation of mission cockpits for rotary and tilt wing. In such cockpits the human-machine interaction is fully inspired by neuroscience and neuroergonomics principles, translated into viable and flyable technological solutions.

Read more on Polaris Innovation Journal 34-2018.


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