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Innov-aging 2018

Professor Arcangelo Merla has been invited to give a talk on Ambient Assisted Living at the Expo-Meeting Innov-Aging 2018, which will be held in Ancona from 21 to 23 June 2018. Innov-aging is the first national event designed to better understand the evolution of scenarios linked to the development of longevity, in which the latest and most significant innovations of the Silver Market in the Health and Wellness, Technology and Economics and Finance sectors will be presented. Internationally renowned experts in Longevity and Aging will share their knowledge and experience through conferences, round tables, discussions and comparisons. In addition to an excellent Scientific Program, the event hosts a window on our future, where some of the most innovative national and international companies and start-ups will present their products and services dedicated to improving the quality of life and managing the contexts associated with the Silver Market. Next2U srl is among the selected start-ups and it will present its solutions for automatic control of Ambient Assisted Living based on the psychophysiological state of the occupants. Come and see Next2U’ solutions!

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