Research and development of an advanced training system for high-acuity scenarios based upon the integration of a psychophysiological evaluation module, a virtual reality simulation system, and blockchain based certification processes. Through the creation of an advanced industrial demonstrator the present R&D project defines, develops and shows an IoT-based, VR highly-integrated,  groundbreaking training platform, a non-invasive assessment of the psychophysiological state of the worker and blockchain-based system for processes certification,  aimed at training operators for high-acuity scenarios.To learn more about project ASTRA visit the website.



National Operational Program (PON)

Ministry of Economic Development - MISE

Notice: Fund for Sustainable Growth - "Intelligent Factory" Office PON I&C 2014-2020, referred to in D. M. March 5, 2018 Chapter III

Application for concessions on 22 January 2019 Project title: Advanced System for TRAining

Acronym: ASTRA

Lead Partner: Next2U srl

Duration of the project: 36 months

CUP: B21B2000026005

Start of activity: 01/06/2020

Concession decree: n. 0001674 of 14.04.2020

Total cost of the project: Euro 1,697,987.50

Total Next2u cost: Euro 607,500.00

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Arcangelo Merla

SEATS of activity: Next2u, via dei Peligni 137, Pescara, Italy

Partner: Next2U srl (lead partner)

4DLabs srl

Dimension Solare srl

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